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Take Responsibility for the Health of your Family

Our mission is to educate families take responsibility for their own health thereby saving their health and their money.

Medical care has evolved into a huge machine that is at the best cumbersome, expensive and only  treats the symptoms.  It is time for us all to take back the responsibility for  our health and that of our families.

We are making this information available because we feel that the medical system in general has become more interested in selling drugs than in healing bodies. Most drugs except for antibiotics do not heal, they need to be taken for a lifetime. And, as most doctors know, antibiotics are not working as well as they did at one time.

The fascinating things about herbs and home remedies is that they really do work and they cost so little.  Often you have them in your own kitchen or backyard.

As we have time we will update our site and give you more information than we have supplied in the book and links to reliable suppliers that we use.

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