Be Your Own Doctor

Be Your Own Doctor"Be Your Own Doctor" is just the book you need to aid you in taking responsibility for your own health. A mother of nine children, the author, Rachel Weaver, has had many opportunities to use the remedies she recommends in her book. She has helped many families toward better health using natural remedies in place of doctor visits. Her interest in helping others began when, as a midwife, her friends began calling her for answers to their families health needs. These calls escalated until she was helping others across US and Canada by phone and email. In an attempt to put this valuable information into the hands of others and preserve it for her children, she wrote this 336 page book. More Info »

Be Your Child's Pediatrician

pedRachel Weaver, mother of nine and grandmother of fourteen, midwife, and master herbalist brings you a wealth of information from her decades of study and experience. This book is packed with practical advice and personal stories, and spiced with the humor of daily life.
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Back Yard Pharmacy

Back Yard PharmacyBack Yard Pharmacy, provides fascinating, full color information on how to use the plants growing around you. So that you can,  “Be Your Own Doctor.” It is amazing to learn that the many plants that we call weeds, can heal us of many of our diseases.
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