Be Your Own Doctor

Be Your Own Doctor

“Be Your Own Doctor” is just the book you need to aid you in taking responsibility for your own health. A mother of nine children, the author, Rachel Weaver, has had many opportunities to use the remedies she recommends in her book. She has helped many families toward better health using natural remedies in place of doctor visits. Her interest in helping others began when, as a midwife, her friends began calling her for answers to their families health needs. These calls escalated until she was helping others across US and Canada by phone and email. In an attempt to put this valuable information into the hands of others and preserve it for her children, she wrote this 336 page book.

“Be Your Own Doctor” is not just another herbal book. It is filled, from cover to cover with real-life stories of how simple remedies worked for people she dealt with. Again and again she was surprised with the good results that herbal remedies brought, and she has related these stories to inspire you on your own journey. It is is full of practical, common sense information written in a way that will help you remember what to do when you have an emergency. It should save your family many doctor and dentist visits if you put the information to practice.

“Be Your Own Doctor” is not New Age in content. The author does not use any questionable practices and recommends common herbs and simple remedies like charcoal to help your body do it’s job of healing. Actually, one of the reasons Rachel wrote the book was because so many books are mixed with New Age philosophy, and there are so few solid ones that she could recommend.

Reading “Be Your Own Doctor” is like having a telephone consultation with Rachel Weaver about what to do for baby diarrhea, a bad case of hives, colitis or strep. She tells you what to do in a way you are not likely to forget. And if you do, the book is there, on your shelf to remind you. She also tells you how to use simple remedies, many of which are already in your cupboard.   She gives you her own recipes to make all the tinctures, teas, salves and oils that you will need to do it yourself. Or you can purchase them from someone who makes them to sell.

The book covers information on how to rebuild tooth enamel, saving your family many dollars usually spent on filling cavities. It deals with fighting strep and infections without using antibiotics, and even gives the authors own recipes for how to make the medicine that she recommends. It covers some hormone issues and pregnancy problems and offers advice on colic and baby care. One fascinating chapter is full of information on dealing with emergencies like wounds, burns, serious bleeding and heart attacks. Another covers respiratory problems like asthma and croup.

All said, “Be Your Own Doctor” is a book you will want to read. Below is a preview of the book. You can see the table of contents and the first 11 pages of the book. Order the book today.